Easy Pumpkin Cake Recipe

Today’s October 1, and fall is definitely in the air! The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and that means I’m in the mood to bake. I’d seen this quick and simple recipe on Pinterest for a while now, and I decided to try it:


Three simple ingredients: Butter Pecan cake mix, a can of pumpkin, and three eggs.

Verdict: the pumpkin didn’t add anything to the butter pecan cake, which was very sweet. I added cream cheese frosting, which was a mistake because that just made it too sweet. So, I tried again, this time using:


Ah, that was better. I also used whipped cream cheese frosting, which was much lighter and less gooey sweet. This tasted like a pumpkin roll without all the work. Because I’m all about not working in the kitchen.

If you want to make this cake even lower in fat and calories, omit the eggs and add the water suggested on the box. The pumpkin is thick, so you’ll want to make sure your batter is the consistency of normal cake batter. You could also add applesauce to replace part of the pumpkin, if you wanted to. Instead of frosting you could use sprinkle on powdered sugar.

Another idea, which I haven’t tried yet, is to use a regular yellow cake mix and add one or two teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice. So if you see regular cake mix on sale, you might go that route. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be delicious.

Four Books for .99!

Amazon is offering four of my books for .99 each!

The following novels are available on Kindle for .99 each:

A Daring Return: Eight years ago, Gavin Parringer left London after the woman he loved, Diana Dymoke, rejected him and married someone else. Suffering from amnesia, he has returned to England, unable to recall anything of his former life. He doesn’t even recognize Diana, who is now a widow with regrets. Despite everything that has come between them in the past, Gavin finds himself falling in love with Diana for a second time. Diana also has feelings for Gavin, but she is afraid that if he remembers how harshly she treated him before he left London, he will have nothing to do with her. Thus, she keeps the truth of their prior relationship a secret. Yet when Diana’s life is threatened and Gavin’s memory returns, they both have to face the ghosts of their pasts in order to embrace a future together. (Regency Romance)


Special Assignment: Television journalist Eve Norwood is on the fast track to achieving her ultimate goal — a job with the news division of a major network. But when Toby Myers, an award winning cameraman and her ex-boyfriend, returns to town, he shakes up her orderly world, causing her to question every aspect of her life — both business and personal. Before long they are paired together on a special assignment for their local television station, causing old hurts and new feelings to rise to the surface. Eventually they are able to put the past behind them and look forward to the future. But that future is in jeopardy when Eve is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Which will she choose? The love of a man who abandoned her in the past or the dream she’s worked her entire life to achieve? (Contemporary Romance)


Santa Fe Sunrise: Luke Jackson, a volunteer soldier based in Santa Fe, is eager to return home to San Antonio, Texas. Weary from the war and healing from a serious injury, he is given one last assignment before his discharge–to escort the daughter of a wealthy businessman to Las Vegas in the New Mexico Territory. Luke is stunned to discover that not only does he have to escort the woman and her chaperone, but four young orphans as well. Melanie Faraday has always been an obedient daughter, but she is dismayed to learn her widowed father has brought her to Santa Fe to marry the son of one of his business partners. Unprepared for marriage to a stranger, but unwilling to go against her father, she feels her future is doomed until she meets four abandoned Mexican children shortly after her arrival in Santa Fe. She vows to find them a home and, in a desperate attempt to avoid her impending marriage, she uses her father’s connections to secure an escort for her to take the children to an orphanage in Las Vegas, unbeknownst to her father. During the journey the group is hampered with thunderstorms, which delays their travels but gives Luke and Melanie much time to not only fall in love with each other, but to fall in love with the children as well. (Historical Romance)

The following novella is available for .99 on Kindle: 


Encore, Encore: Talented violinist Annika Goran is given her dream opportunity: she will be concertmaster and soloist for the Moreland Chamber Orchestra’s upcoming European tour. But when she almost sits on Josef Gemmel’s priceless Stradivarius, she finds that more than her dreams may be at stake… Previously published in Chance Encounters of the Heart. (Contemporary Romance)

Check out these titles while they’re at bargain prices! 

A Pioneer Christmas is a Recommended Read from USA Today!

USA Today’s HEA (Happily Ever After) Column featured A Pioneer Christmas among its list of recommended Christmas reads. Scroll down to the Holiday Inspirationals section.

Thanks to those of you who have posted reviews about the book. I like reviewer Noela N’s description of my novella:

`THE CALLING’ by Kathleen Fuller centers around a tavern in Unionville, Ohio, that also doubles as a stagecoach stop. Elijah Montgomery is pushed by his parents to travel and preach. Is he just being obedient to his folks or hearing the calling himself? What part might Milly, the lovely tavern girl who works for her father, have in helping Elijah to find his destiny?

The Unionville Tavern is a real tavern with a rich history. It’s on the list of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites, and there are efforts to have the tavern restored. Here’s a picture of the tavern in better times:



I’ll be posting tidbits about the tavern this week. You can also follow my A Pioneer Christmas board on Pinterest for more pictures and information about the book. You can purchase the book from Amazon, Christianbook.com, or your local bookstore.

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month!



In 2010 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Two surgeries, one massive dose of radiation, and three years later I’m on my way to remission. :) Thyroid cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in terms of population–more people are getting thyroid cancer than ever before. The good news is that thyroid cancer is highly treatable, especially when caught early. The first step–ask your doctor to check your neck for nodules. Second: become informed about thyroid cancer and thyroid disease. For more information visit www.thyca.org.